At Masterigs, we do gaming rigs best! Founded by gamers, Masterigs goes into painstaking details to give you the best rig that never has to hide beneath a desk again – instead, it will be standing proudly next to your 4k display, and humming smoothly while you push it to its limits!


Let’s be honest, if you are on Masterigs, you are most likely looking for a stunning new gaming rig to “Pwn” your enemies, crush those framerate benchmarks so that you never need to have a FPS counter on your monitor again, and make your friends green with envy with an dazzling RBG set-up!

We at Masterigs will be with you through each step of the journey, guiding you in selecting the right components, based on your specific needs and the games you usually play. We then source the components from the best and most reliable manufacturers in the market and assemble the finished product with minute care to detail. And the story doesn’t end there: We put the product through rigorous stress-testing and benchmarking to make sure that the PC gives you incredible boost in speed and performance right out of the box! Our commitment to nothing but the best allows us to stay in the hearts and minds of tens of thousands of fans and customers across the country!



Graphic Card is what lights up your eyes with everything that you see on your screen. A good graphic card will give you the ultimate edge in your gaming pursuits, giving crystal clear clarity and sleek frame rates that will keep your eyes glued to the screen. Most next-gen graphic card also feature a dedicated encoder that allows you to game and stream simultaneously with amazing performance, allowing you to amass thousands of followers while you are doing what you love best! If you are a creative professional, a good GPU will also accelerate your work and give you an incredible boost in speed and performance for taskings like video-editing, graphic design, and CGI animation.


The processor is the heart of any PC, and even though gamers tend to overlook this important piece of hardware, a good CPU is crucial to avoid any bottleneck or throttling issues. If the GPU of your brand new gaming rig is the engine which will power your triple-A titles, then the processor is your transmission – without the right processor to couple with your GPU, you will not be able to get the most out of your graphic card. At Masterigs, we will help you select the right processor—whether intel or AMD—based on your requirements and build and ensure that no bottlenecks cause frustration.


Motherboard, being the component that connects every piece of hardware in the computer together, is a crucial to get right. You have to ensure that your motherboard suits your build, doesn’t cause any bottlenecks, has ample bandwidth for the smooth communication of your GPU, CPU, RAM and Disks, and comes with the right features and form-factor for your dream configuration! Masterigs teams know the importance of this component and it is at the forefront of our mind when helping you choose your build!


Very good quality RAM is necessary to run the latest games smoothly. Modern consumer systems all use DDR4 RAM. The clock speed of the RAM is important but only to a certain extent. Ensure that you have at least 8 GB of memory to enjoy the latest titles; 16 GB is ideal if you have the budget and looking to get the most out of your rig!


Quality and not quantity matters in storage. Based on your requirements you can choose the amount of storage space your computer will require. And Masterigs will help you with the best SSDs and Internal HDD in the market so that information can be written and read at benchmark-worthy speeds!