We collaborate with select industry partners to deliver versatile workstation that augment cognitive technologies, so every machine exceeds expectations. Our cost-effective solutions will put this advanced technology right on your desk.


Your brain is much more complex than a computer, but these specialized artificial intelligence workstations might convince you that there really is a ghost in the machine. Using the latest components that take parallel computing to another level, these workstations are perfect for your deep learning or machine learning applications.

Artificial Intelligence has become an umbrella term that includes everything from the automation of robotic processes to actual robotics. AI is everywhere, right from the world of big data to reshaping conventional businesses to managing unstructured data for public service.

With Masterigs AI & Deep Learning workstations, you can ride this new wave of technology to an exciting future!



If you work with Computer-assisted Drawings (CAD) Applications, you will need to ensure that your graphic card is up to the task – especially when dealing with 3D Models. With GPUs, you get what you pay for! Depending on your needs, Masterigs will recommend the best GPU for your usage. In general, when selecting a graphic card, you should focus on 3 main aspects: cost/performance ratio, memory, cooling.


The processor is the heart of any PC, but in AI applications, it plays an even more important role. Even if you are using your GPU to run Deep Learning applications, the CPU is required to initiate GPU function calls, and execute CPU functions. You have to ensure that your processor is up to the task of handling your GPU and running its own operations smoothly, otherwise you will have a bottleneck in your system!


When it involves AI and Deep Learning tasks, PCI-e lanes of a motherboard even have a big role. These PCI-e lanes are the info pipes which connect the GPUs and CPU. These lanes can vary from 60x to 64x according to the motherboard. The higher the amount of PCI-e lanes, the more the throughput will be. Keeping your requirements in mind, Masterigs will help you choose the right motherboard that allows you to perform your tasks with no lag.


Ample RAM is necessary to run heavy applications and for parallel computing. Modern consumer systems all use DDR4 RAM. The clock speed of the RAM is important but only to a certain extent. Ensure that you have at least 16 GB of Memory for your AI workstation.


Quality and not quantity matters in storage. Based on your requirements you can choose the amount of storage space your computer will require. And Masterigs will help you with the best SSDs and Internal HDD in the market so that information can be written and read at benchmark-worthy speeds!